A look back: Best JoJoisms from January 2021

Written By: JoJoisms - Feb• 02•21

The year was off to an interesting start with Corona Virus and messy election results, but my sense of humor remained in tact and I felt my age creeping up on me. As I thought about how I’m getting dangerously close to 60, this thought kept rolling around in my head until I wrote it out in a meme so here you are:

This next series of JoJoism memes was created by looking at pictures and coming up with a sort of theme or tag line. Which is your favorite?

This next couple of photos was in reaction to the fact that the manufacturer might have devised a better way to keep the weighted silverware used by folks with Essential Tremors to make it easier for us to eat, might have thought a bit about their packaging. See…you can only eat easier with these utensils if you can GET THEM OUT OF THE BOX! lol

This next picture came up in my Facebook memories. It’s my son’s attempt to drive his sister crazy a few years ago when she asked him to set the table. After all, she didn’t specify how these items should be placed now did she? lol

Lastly, there was this Winter Storm Warning alert on my husband’s cell phone that said it was currently snowing and that flurries would be stopping in 20 minutes. While the specificity of the 20 minute time frame was a commendable professional feat, the fact that it wasn’t, in fact, snowing at the time kind of rendered the weather report mute. Either that or we just have a lot of invisible snow here in Indiana.

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