Another Day; Another Crisis

Written By: JoJoisms - Oct• 26•13

CrazyIs there a target on my back? No, really.  Look.  Cuz every single day for almost two months, I’ve had a crisis or two or twelve to handle.  Weird stuff.  So weird you wouldn’t even believe me.  You probably think I’m exaggerating.  I wish I was.  What kinds of things have happened in the past few months?  This is only a partial list because my brain is on strike and I can’t remember any of the others.

My website was hacked…THREE TIMES.

My email didn’t work…TWICE.

My computer fan died.

My new iPhone wouldn’t work.

My son’s race kart was damaged and is now inop.

My son’s helmet cam was smashed into little pieces.

I broke my glasses in my sleep….

Oh, and my car window fell down.

My dh was heading off to work on Wednesday when he noticed my driver’s side passenger window was down and it refused to roll back up. The mechanism for the automatic windows failed.  The dealer was going to charge us $750 to fix it but within hours of discovering the problem, I had uncovered the solution via the information super highway.  Yes, there is a power window repair company in my neighborhood that only charged $99 for such a repair.  Well, $99 if you own a domestic vehicle, but how much could it be if your car spoke a foreign language?  $214.  But they would come to me so I wouldn’t have to drive it anywhere with the window stuck down.  End of story?  Of course not!  What fun would there be in that?

I made the appointment for the next day. In the meantime I had to run an errand close to home. I’ll tell you about that one tomorrow.  Suffice it to say that having your window open for two days in ARIDzona presents certain problems that might BUG you.  Ask me how I know.

Well, Robert came out and we had a good old time making jokes about my car misbehaving. He replaced the device that failed with a better part than the factory had installed.  End of story?  Of course not!

What took him 20 minutes to repair was only the beginning. Now he had to reprogram the computer to recognize when the window had reached the top.  A human being would have no trouble recognizing that it’s when the window hits the top, but a smart window is pretty dumb.

After over an hour we realized  that this smart window really was…it didn’t want to be reprogrammed.  They said some foreign vehicles resist programming. I think they fear the Borg!  Apparently, resistance isn’t futile because the window does roll up, but immediately rolls back down.

Robert was able to rig it up…so it would stay up, but it was Jennifer’s turn the next day.  I’m afraid to say Jennifer didn’t fare any better than Robert did.  But the window is up (as long as nobody touches it), it’s keeping out the riff raff and I’m scheduled to see Travis the programmer on Monday. He’s on the Borg ship.  It’ll be a “collective” effort.

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  1. Marie Anne says:

    You’ve definitely had MORE than your share of troubles lately.

  2. JoJoisms says:

    I hope that means I’m good to go for the next 12 months or so. LOL

  3. Carla says:

    What’s that old Chinese blessing (curse)? “May your life be interesting.” I think you were blessed with that one maybe more than a few times. 🙂

  4. JoJoisms says:

    Oh yes. My life is anything but dull. I could stand a little dull about now.