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Evolution of an Injury

As many of you know, I recently had my fifth surgery in a few years.  It started because I walked on the treadmill.  Yes, you read that right. I simply walked on the treadmill…and tore three tendons, damaged an already loose ligament-requiring a total of six surgical procedures.  After more than four months of recovery, […]

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I need 20 more JoJoisms

So here’s the thing…I wrote up all the JoJoisms I had in what I called, The Big Book of JoJoisms. I had 572 of them. But, as you know, I’m always writing them…always finding life funny. So I wrote a few more and got up to 577. And then it happened. I found a JoJoism […]

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Hello. My name is Surah Channa.

I’ve always been a bit complicated and more than a tad weird, but I always thought I knew who I was…until I had another of my precious conversations with my mom recently.  Then I realized that I’m what you might call: Religiously Confused.  ROFL I’m of Jewish heritage, was raised by Atheists parents, married a […]

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Finding the Humor

After my last surgery, my brain came home to roost.  I’m able to do things now like remember my last name and why I walked into a room…more than I used to.  It’s also afforded me the opportunity to write some new JoJoisms.  Here’s one.   Since so many of my readers are in the […]

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How did spammers get the idea JoJo was a techie?

So many people said they wanted to be able to leave a comment on some of the older blog posts that I decided to open the comments back up on the blog.  They used to close automatically after five days because that’s how long it takes for the spammers to come out and play. A day after […]

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Hello, my name is…NOT TMobile!

A little end of the week humor to lift your spirits or as I call them: Friday Funnies! We are seriously considering discontinuing our home phone service. Our number, given to us by Comcast, was a TMobile store number. They refuse to take it down from their website so I get tons of calls for them. […]

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