Chronic Illness Frustration Factor Part 2

Written By: JoJoisms - Jun• 30•16

angry part 2

Last month, I shared how GPs  can delay your treatment.  This month, I’d like to share how red tape and mix ups can frustrate the begeebers outta you when on a mission to experience less pain.

I began seeing a chiropractor a few months ago in a quest to rid myself of some of the pain.  I can’t always tell what the source of the pain is as almost all of my diagnoses (and the list is long and distinguished) all have the same symptoms.  Is it Fibro pain?  Arthritis pain?  TMJ pain?  Headache pain?  Aches due to thyroid disease? Peri menopause?  Or did I stub my toe on the wall unit in my brain fogged state walking from the uncomfortable bed to the overstuffed couch?

So I tried the chiropractor who said he could help me get rid of at least the pain in my neck.  While there I met the physician’s assistant who asked me a bunch of questions and suggested things I might do.  After a few months, it was apparent that the pain in my neck wasn’t due to bones out of alignment so I stopped going.

A month after seeing her, I received a phone call from a compounding pharmacy in Florida one day asking me for my insurance info to send me some pain cream I never knew I was prescribed.  I thought it was a joke or a scam at first because I live in Indiana. Surely there were compounding pharmacies in my own state. In fact, there are at least two of them in NW Indiana where I used to go to get my hormone cream made up.

After several phone calls back and forth to the pharmacy, the physician’s assistant, the insurance company and a psychiatrist (okay that one was poetic license), I discovered that the PA wasn’t in network and, therefore, couldn’t prescribe for me. The compounding pharmacy didn’t take my insurance at all and the insurance company doesn’t cover those things. I politely declined to have them send it and went on my unmerry way.

The PA told me she felt for me and would give me samples I could try for free for a while. At least I could lessen the pain temporarily.  It was incredibly sticky stuff.  I mean, it rivaled super glue!  You know those old commercials where the guy in a hard hat glues himself to the beam?  But, hey.  If it works…  Unfortunately, it didn’t.  🙁  So I just forgot about it and looked forward to my internist appointment where I felt I might find the answers I need.

A month or so later, I received another phone call from the pharmacy that they were sending it out.  HUH?!  I tried to tell them that they wouldn’t get paid, but they insisted it was somehow cleared with the insurance company and I wouldn’t be charged a thing. I talked at great length to their pharmacist who felt so badly for me he asked me to call in a week or two to tell him how it worked.

When it got here, I was again confused.  It came in a jar…like face cream.  But it said to only apply so many mg each day. How on earth was I to measure this?  Do you know how many mg your fingertip holds?  Me either.  So back I go on the phone to the pharmacist in Florida.  How’s the weather out there, Mike?  And the family?  Suzie still in dance class?

After determining that there really is no way to OD on this stuff, I was told to dab my finger tip in it and rub it in to any place that hurts (except the face).  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t sticky at all!  Didn’t smell funny either.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take away the pain either.  🙁

Are you sensing a trend here?  I’m a lottle frustrated now.  Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Alleve, Lydocane, etc…  Nothing helps the pain.  I see the Internist on June 10th.  I sure hope she’s got a better idea.  I’m thinking Novocaine  or possibly Morphine!

What’s your red tape story?

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  1. Tanya says:

    I love your sense of humor.

    Yet how frustrating the things we go through with red tape and all the meds we try that don’t work.

  2. JoJoisms says:

    So true, Tanya!