JoJo’s Grape Puns

Written By: JoJoisms - Nov• 07•18

My purple pen has turned to things punny as I have redesigned my entire Grape Stuff website.  So this month I thought I’d bring to you the “grape” puns that now appear as sections of my website because there are some GRAPE things over there now…Pun intended.  Here we go!

So the main page is, of course, called Grape Stuff.

The blog is called Grape Times.

The testimonials page is called…Grape Job!

Our contact page is called…Grape Vine.

Our email list is called…Grape News!

The About Us page that shares how the site began is aptly called…Grape Seeds!

The Frequently Asked Questions page is called…Grape Ideas.

And our new YouTube channel is….

Drumroll Please…

The Grape News Network hosted by news anchor Connie Plumb!

That’s all the pun that’s fit to print.  I’ll bring you more of my writing as I write it.  Until then…

Have a GRAPE Day!



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