Hello, my name is…NOT TMobile!

Written By: JoJoisms - Aug• 01•14

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A little end of the week humor to lift your spirits or as I call them: Friday Funnies!

We are seriously considering discontinuing our home phone service. Our number, given to us by Comcast, was a TMobile store number. They refuse to take it down from their website so I get tons of calls for them.

If we aren’t getting customer calls, we are being hounded by banks wanting our business to take out a loan or update our business credit card.  I can’t remember the last time someone called on the home phone and it was actually for one of us!

We gave our home number out to so many that my dh’s not sure we want to give it up. If we don’t, this is what I’ll put on my voice mail:

“If you are calling for TMobile, you dialed correctly. They apparently don’t care enough about their customers to correct their website for the last few years. I suggest Verizon. If you’ve called for the Tabares family, please call us on our cells phones. If you do not have our cell phone numbers, go ahead and leave a message.”

Have you ever recorded a voice mail greeting of this kind?  Please share it!


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  1. Sim says:

    You write very well. Do you have other sites which are similar?

  2. Tanya says:

    Yes I actually have recorded something different. I keep getting calls, from friends, companies, Collection agencies, etc for someone named Julia Ball. I keep telling them that I don’t know the person. On my recording, I finally put, “if this is for Julia Ball, this is not her. I don’t know her, please do not leave a message. If this is for me, please call my cell. ” I still got automated messages for Julia Ball. I finally changed my number. It was so frustrating

  3. JoJoisms says:

    How funny! I thought I was the only one. LOL