It could only happen to nontechie me!

Written By: JoJoisms - Feb• 21•18

So I needed to update the theme of our newest website, MugXpressionsIt’s the newest member of the Grape Stuff Network of Family Sites.  So I went into the themes and began looking around.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything that I liked.  As I previewed this and that, I found something that looked like it might work.  I tried to customize it only to find I couldn’t. The only clickable link said Activate.  Understanding that Publish was the one used to make it live, I clicked it and began messing around with it.

After a while, I found it really wouldn’t work for me so I went looking for another theme only to find it had actually published and was live.  Well, it didn’t show most of the home page, had all the wrong pictures, and didn’t navigate as it used to, but yes, it was live.  AHHHH!

It’s always a sheer panic when you find the leisurely update you were going to do now has to be done in lightning speed as you just posted something on social media likely to bring in some new viewers.

That was at 10:30am…long about 2:30pm I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch, but at least I had most of the website recreated. Not only did it look good, it looked much better with the new theme than with the old one.

Several hours later about 5pm I was still in my jammies, but the site was just about ready for prime time.  Ever do something like this in a panic?  Technology is a wonderful thing, UNTIL IT ISN’T!


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