July’s Inspiring JoJoisms

Written By: JoJoisms - Aug• 11•20

In case you missed them on my Facebook page, I give you the best of my inspirational JoJoisms I shared in July!

So much angry rhetoric has been on social media since Covid19 that I felt it important to share this first JoJoism to remind us all how important it is to check facts and inspire us to listen to others point of view before making up our minds as to what the facts say. I think it was Mark Twain who said that facts are suborn things but statistics are more pliable. It’s important to find out which ones are the “facts” we deem true, but it’s also important to not to be pompous in how we discuss them.

The second one is inspiration for those facing their mountain in 2020. Very often, God has to get us to see our mountain in a different way in order that we may climb it.

The third came to me as I was looking at this picture and it occurred to me that when God leads us, He very often doesn’t allow us to see the entire trail at one time. We just see His light shining our way to where He’s leading.

The last two inspire us to make sure the path we are on is leading us to where God would have us go. These days post Covid are often confusing.

Which one(s) inspired you the most?

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