Yes, I’m Mean Mommy! Well, maybe not…

Written By: JoJoisms - Sep• 02•13

dumb questionThere is a stereotype out there that homeschooled kids have it easy because mom can give her precious child all A’s, but I have to tell you it’s not the case here at the Tabares Homeschool and Purple Emporium!  The only holidays my kids ever got were for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I make them do their papers over if I don’t think they were up to their potential and I don’t grade on a curve. And not just because there are no other students to form a curve.

No, I’m known by my children as Mean Mommy!  My daughter made up the song and taught it to her brother.  There was a dance that went along with it.  Yes, I’m a strict homeschool mom.  No teacher in Service Days. No half days, no sick days, and they might need to do some educational things during the summer.

I always start them on the first full week of September.  So today is the first day of school and I’m already cracking the whip.  Yes, my son’s got a big day ahead of him because today…is a field trip!  ROFL


My son is a kart racer and his dream is to be a Formula One driver.  He’s had some experience the past year and actually holds the title for fastest lap at our local indoor kart racing place.  (And that includes several professional race car drivers who have tried to beat him!)

He’s transitioning to outdoor racing this year.  Getting track time is difficult and we rely on a friend to help us get his kart to the track so when we learned he could practice today, Labor Day, I gave Mean Mommy a day off too.

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  1. Judi Williams says:

    Hi, I love you article about homeschooling. My daughter-in-law homeschools.When she teachers, out comes her “teacher” voice. There is no curve grading, what she says she means. I have seen tears on her “students”,”but Mom, I tried”. “Well, you have to study harder for the retest”. There is no grades given unless they are deserved, no reading skipped “just because “it’s only mom”. These kids have great grades, they have worked for and they rate high in the state. They go on field trips, very educational things. What I have seen in the “HOME-SCHOOL”, I am so very impressed.People say the kids get no socialization. Well, I know my grandkids sure do.They are in sports, piano lessons, church,wonderful friends,{homeschoolers,also, who share their same Christian beliefs} It is a wonderful way to raise kids in this day of such turmoil in the world. SO, JoJo, even if your kids call you “Mean Mommy”, one day they will give you accolades of much LOVE for giving your time to teach them how all our children should be taught.
    Thanks, Judi Williams <3

  2. JoJoisms says:

    Thank you, Judi. Actually, my dd already has. When she was accepted by one of the most elite universities in the nation, she came to thank her mean mommy. We have a lot of fun, but we don’t skimp. After graduating from Vanderbilt University over a year ago, she’s currently a seminary student in her second year.

  3. JoJoisms says:

    Well, Mean Mommy must report a mean timing chain (or whatever you call it) that broke when her son was on the outdoor kart racing track. Thankfully, Chris is okay, but the kart could use some prayer…or rather our wallet as we will have to fix it. Meanwhile, the *field trip* was over about an hour into practice. 🙁