My Car is ALIVE!

Written By: JoJoisms - Aug• 30•13

afraidI may have a dumb phone, but I have a smart car!

So the other evening, as we were driving to pick up my son from a birthday party, my husband noticed that the windshield wipers seemed to know just how much rain was hitting the windshield. It would slow down when the rain slowed and speed up when it rained harder. How did it know to do this?

We slowed down to see if it was a response to how fast we were driving, but it kept up with the rain regardless of our speed. How did it know how hard it was raining?

Clearly, I have a smart car and it’s waaaay smarter than my phone. Yes, I still own a dumb flip phone that doesn’t even have a qwerty keyboard and you want to know a secret?  I don’t even know how to work it properly! ROFL

I was a bit uneasy as we drove pondering what else my car knew…a bit creepy don’t you think?  I expect the movie to come out next year: When Cars Attack! Rated S for spooky!

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