I’m Not Weird; My Doctor Had Me Tested!

Written By: JoJoisms - Mar• 14•18

So the other day, I had to go back to my surgeon for a follow up five months after my ankle surgery.  They took my blood pressure and heart rate and found my resting heart rate was abnormally high. That prompted the nurse to tell me that he was required by law to tell me to call my regular doctor.  Well, that sounded rather ominous, but I thought it was probably a formality.

I got home and did a little research as I was getting increasingly jittery and had a headache as well as having my hands shake more than just after I’d had my coffee.  What I found is that the muscle relaxer I was taking could cause these things and it said to “call your doctor immediately” so, I did.

She saw me very early that morning: BC (Before Coffee) and took me off my muscle relaxer and ordered some blood work.

That was on Friday.  I didn’t expect to hear back from her til the following week, but as this is the technological age, I received an email with the results and her recommendations.  All the blood work was normal (including my cancer markers for the last three months! YAY!!) and she suggested I stay off the muscle relaxers til I see her at my April appointment.

Looking at the paperwork it suddenly occurred to me that there aren’t too many times in my life that I’d been called NORMAL.  Normal.  It just kept echoing in my mind.

Then, later that day, my dh was telling me how weird I was (something entirely unrelated) and my son chimed in as my children often do.  I held up the printout of my blood work and yelled, “I’m not weird.  My doctor had me tested!”  In case you don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, it’s a take off on what Sheldon often says about himself.  “I’m not insane. My mother had me tested.”

That prompted me to create a meme that represented what I saw in my head.  So, here it is…I’m not weird; my doctor had me tested!



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