Only in ARIDzona!

Written By: JoJoisms - Oct• 21•13

Snake AreaMy dh says this sign isn’t unusual.  I have passed this sign countless times in the past five years we’ve lived here (on the surface of the sun) and wanted to take a picture of it.

So here it is.

Only in ARIDzona would you need a sign on the walkway to the public library that told you to be alert because this was a SNAKE AREA!

Anyone else have one of these warnings in front of your public library?

Anyone have any other funny signs in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Carla says:

    Can’t say that I’ve seen that one in NJ! Howsumever. . . there is some crazy sign down by the creek about beavers crossing. I won’t describe what it looks like. Suffice it to say that it is probably just reminding you not to run over any beavers. 😉

  2. JoJoisms says:

    LOL I’m really interested to see how many people have seen snake signs, especially on the way to a public place.