Sad but True

Written By: JoJoisms - Jan• 07•18

The Information Age comes with a sad truth that communication, as we know it, is on the decline.  I’ve written about this often on Art of Eloquence, but it continues with a certain flair this past month and so I had to share three examples of irony-the likes of which are rarely seen outside of nonfiction novels.

ONE: Long ago, in a College Prep galaxy far, far away (translation: ten years ago in California), we were looking for SAT prep books for my daughter and found this <===  highly successful publisher’s “latest” edition.  Somehow we felt it lacked a certain something and moved on to a slightly lesser known, yet much better edited, SAT prep book.

TWO: Just a few weeks ago that same daughter, who has since graduated from  graduate school, was sent an email from Phi Beta Kappa asking her for donations and announcing its 141TH anniversary.  No, it wasn’t just one typo, it was stated the same way THREE TIMES in that same email.

College prep sure “aren’t” what it used to be and here is the 3nd…3th…last reason why:

THREE: My son is now awaiting his SAT subject test scores which are extremely late.  His account on their website stated, and I quote directly, “Your score are pending.”

Perhaps this are why the Chinese are 1ndthst in academics?


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