My secret ARIDzona prank idea

You might already know this, but it doesn’t snow here in Phoenix, ARIDzona. Every CHRISTmas, I make a decoration using Arizona Snow.  It’s a compound that grows when wet and looks like real snow. They say you need to water it every week to ten days, but here in ARIDzona it’s so arid, we need […]

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Good Morning Arizona…in the afternoon?

Every time I saw it listed on the cable guide, I had a pretty good giggle over the fact that Good Morning Arizona came on at all hours of the day.  There’s one in the morning, a few in the afternoon and a couple at night.  Good Morning Arizona in the dark. LOL Until the  other […]

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An ARIDzona Moment

In case you don’t happen to live in the desert of ARIDzona (or inside your oven), let me share with you this ARIDzona Moment: A few weeks ago, I was celebrating my birthday.  I was 49 again on my way down from 50 the previous year.  It was still Monsoon Season (anywhere from late July, […]

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