Crisis a Day Club

Don’tcha just hate it when you discover you’re subscribed to something you never wanted?  This year, every time I downloaded something, it automatically came with Google Chrome.  After a while I’d discover it and uninstall it.  Annoying! Two months ago, I inadvertently signed up for the Crisis a Day Club.  Last weekend I unsubscribed. It […]

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The Thrill of iPhone Victory

After several weeks (which seem like years), I emerge victorious!  Here is a list of things I have learned to do on my new iPhone: 1. Answer and make a phone call 2. Send and receive a text 3. Take a picture (can’t yet post it to Facebook) 4. Get email 5. View Facebook (nope, […]

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An inspirational 9-11 message

Twelve years ago, our country was attacked. So many people’s lives changed that day.  I can still remember exactly what I was doing when I heard.  As information unfolded, I found that I didn’t know anyone personally who was killed during 9-11…until a few months ago. Kenny was a childhood friend when I lived in […]

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