The Chronic Illness Frustration Factor

Frustration is one of the key components of chronic illness.  We are frustrated because we are tired and in pain. We are frustrated with doctors who don’t help. We are frustrated that our friends and family don’t understand.  And we are frustrated with the red tape of our health insurance. The past few months, I […]

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The Chronic Illness Balancing Act

It is said that life is a balancing act. We balance work and play.  A balanced diet has some veggies, some meats, and only some dessert because too much of even a good thing is not good.  In math and chemistry, you have to balance the equation. When I worked, I remember having to balance my […]

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The next time I’m born, I’m going to choose to be male

Warning! Female Rant Ahead!  We interrupt our normal weekly blog schedule to bring you this female rant. After that painful breaking in period when you’re 12 (or 16+ in my case) when you long for something to happen every month, you begin to wonder why you ever wanted it in the first place. It tickles […]

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