Hello. My name is Surah Channa.

I’ve always been a bit complicated and more than a tad weird, but I always thought I knew who I was…until I had another of my precious conversations with my mom recently.  Then I realized that I’m what you might call: Religiously Confused.  ROFL I’m of Jewish heritage, was raised by Atheists parents, married a […]

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How am I weird? Let me count the ways.

JoJoism#439 “If I had a middle name, it would be Weird, but I’m so weird I don’t have a middle name.”  JoJoisms: Revealing Life’s Truths…as I think of ’em! I’m weird.  I’m weird in so many weird ways, too.  Along with being middle name-less, I’m only 5′ tall, my head is so small I can […]

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Today is Wonderful Weirdo’s Day

According to a reliable source (a website that lists holidays people register), today is Wonderful Weirdo’s Day. I celebrate this special day because I’m a wonderful weirdo. I embrace my inner weirdness.  Ask anyone!  I’m a work-at-homeschool mom of two only-children who is all of 5′ nuthin’.  JoJo isn’t even my real name and I […]

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