Just Choose Joy?

Do you struggle with depression or anxiety or chronic illness? Do your friends and family tell you to just choose to be happy? Does that work for you? Me either. But here’s something I found. One of the criticisms I, and many chronic illness sufferers, have with the “Just Choose Joy” movement is that they […]

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Sometimes You Need a Pity Party

I don’t think you’d be human if you were sunshine and roses every day, especially in the face of chronic struggles and hardships.  However, some will tell you you’re not a good Christian if you share that you are depressed or upset or frustrated.  It’s not like the Lord doesn’t know you feel this way. […]

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EGGceptionally Sad Breakfast

I was cooking SONday breakfast last weekend when suddenly I was staring an egg face…in the face. And it was sad. I’m not sure if it just didn’t appreciate its goose being cooked or it didn’t like my choice of seasoning.  Maybe both? Have you come come across faces in your cooking EGGsperience? Please share […]

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