JoJo’s Journey: 35 Years with Chronic Illness

Sorry I haven’t posted in several weeks, but a lightning strike took out 15 electrical items in our new home last month and one of them was my computer.  It took me a few weeks to figure out that I could record a YouTube video from my iPhone and another to figure out how to […]

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The Everything Free Cookbook

I’m a little jealous.  There are some great cookbooks out for those on low carb diets, some wonderful sugar free recipe books and now there are even some great gluten free recipes. Unfortunately, I have Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease so there are a few more dietary restrictions on my Don’t Eat List.  I’ve been unable to […]

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How I received a product four days before it was shipped!

I’m on a VERY restrictive diet to help me with my Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease,  I need to eat protein every few hours for my Reactive Hypoglycemia, and, yes, my body is currently a bit of a mess.  Unfortunately, I don’t like a lot of protein-rich foods and most of them take too much time to […]

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