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Written By: JoJoisms

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If you’re struggling with a chronic illness or other chronic issue (like a financial situation), that means your entire family is struggling too.  I know because I’ve been there, am there, and I’ve been there many times.  After 40 some odd years of chronic illness, decades of financial devastation, 30 years of marriage, and several years of so many surgeries I no longer have a significant amount of my original equipment, I have come to the conclusion that God wants me to help others not just to survive through their struggles, but to live beyond surviving.

My weekly mailing will encourage, inspire, teach, and also grant you a giggle break to help you not only get through, but grow through your stress, your trials, and your sorrow.  And because most struggles eventually lead to financial issues (even if they don’t start off that way), if you subscribe right now, you’ll get as a bonus, five days of my most important money saving tips for your family!

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