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JOJOWHANDSHi, I’m JoJo Tabares.

I’m a child of God, wife of 28 yrs, homeschooling mom of two, author, speaker, self-professed goofball, and a PURPLE LOVER from waaaay back!   And, I’m both happy and sad to say, I have struggled with numerous financial and health issues for many years.

I remember a phrase used by my Bradley birthing coach when describing how I’d feel just prior to giving birth.  When you feel like you can’t stand the pain any more, that’s when the birthing journey is almost over. You can endure anything for a short time, but it’s the chronic issues that wear us down and shake our faith.

I’ve learned some life lessons along the way and I aim to support and uplift those who suffer from chronic illness and issues who are in desperately need of hope, love, support, understanding and uplifting,

I look at life through scripture sprinkled with humor because, when life’s not fair, I have found that you can still find laughter and joy if you look hard enough.

I keep it real.  No rah rah here!  BUT I always bring us back to the Lord!  Come join me, won’t you?

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JoJo’s Journey:


Here’s my poem Silent Pain:

Silent Pain framed