JoJoisms: Life with Humor

Written By: JoJoisms

I’m just a purple girl living in a writer’s world!

I’ve been writing since I was nine years old. I’m getting dangerously close to 60. You can do the math! I started writing poems, then songs, then my little humorous one-liners about life that were, on occasion, even insightful! I call them JoJoisms and that’s how this blog got its name.

However, as will happen when one spends nearly six decades on this planet, I have had several difficult experiences that added some other writing passions as life has brought me to (and God has brought me through).

I have a degree in speech communication so, after I began homeschooling, a fellow homeschool mom asked me to teach a class her daughter could attend. I found most of my previous college books a bit dry so I wrote my own. That lead to a whole series of easy to use and actually FUN Art of Eloquence materials.

A fairly new writing topic came about because I’ve struggled with several chronic illnesses and conditions since I was in high school. I’ve learned to find the humor in just about everything and that is what gets me through most of the trails life has brought. Life Beyond Surviving is my newest blog and ministry!

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