Miracle on JoJo Street

When I was a little girl I loved watching Miracle on 34th Street at Christmas time.  Things just worked out for little Susan and her mother kind of like magic.  God uses his own brand of magic we call miracles to help His children in times of distress.  When we pray, we get one of […]

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It’s Everybody’s Ami

Here’s another one of our family stories. When I was a little girl, my grandfather retired.  He was Vice President of a large N.Y. Union.  They gave him a big party down in Florida.  We were all excited to make the trip.  It’s all we could talk about….how we were going to Miami. My brother, […]

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I was a teenage telephone (book) operator

Many years ago, when I was just a teenage elf, I had an old Datson 710 with bucket seats.  In those days, cars didn’t have power seats, let alone, any way to make the seats go up far enough for a person of limited stature to be able to see over the steering wheel. Family […]

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