Feeding my obsession

Written By: JoJoisms - Dec• 29•13

Purple Christmas 2013 My friends and family feed my purple passion!  This CHRISTmas I received a small plum colored flashlight in my stocking and a dark purple gorgeous scarf from my dd.

Aren’t they wonderful?

I also got a purple mouse from my son, but we haven’t installed it yet. My current mouse is not only UNpurple, but he either doesn’t listen when I click or he acts as if I clicked him two or three times.

He’s been deleting emails left and right and I’ve had to go hunting for them in my deleted or spam folders.  UGH!

Can’t wait to get this grape guy installed.

Finally my friend, Ellen, gave me a wonderful plant in November that has beautiful lavender flowers which are now looking rather sad.

I soooo don’t have a green thumb and so it only has two flowers left on it and is looking rather like a pigtail plant.  Check it out.

How long do you think it will take me to kill this poor creature?

Pigtail Plant












Update: just after I took this picture the yellow leaf in the back fell off.  OY!

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