Fun with Insomnia-video

Written By: JoJoisms

In a former life, I was an author and speaker on communication skills for  (almost 11yrs) before chronic illness and a car accident forced me to all but close it down.  Several years ago, I began writing JoJoisms, my humorous and sometimes profound one liners about life (especially life with chronic illness).  This is a video of several Visual JoJoisms that I uploaded to YouTube a couple of years ago.  I did it not only to share my struggles, but so that others who didn’t have insomnia would understand how it feels.

I’ve suffered with insomnia every single day for over fifteen years now.  I started off sleeping only about two hours a night.  I forgot dinner burning on the stove, couldn’t remember my birthday or how to spell the name of my business.  It got so bad, I’d walk downstairs four times in a row and forgot why half way down.

After implementing a nightly sleep regimen (melatonin, chamomile tea with valerian root, various essential oils, eating turkey or a banana, dark/cool room, no noise, oxytocin), I graduated to about five hours of very interrupted sleep.  I’ll be adding magnesium to the mix soon so I’m ever hopeful.

Fun with Insomnia

If you don’t laugh at your limitations, the alternative will make you cry…cry baby party

or something else…Purple Tongue Twister

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