It’s my birthday and I’ll laugh if I want to!

Written By: JoJoisms - Sep• 08•20

It’s my birthday today! I’m 42 years old. Well, I am the way I count. I vowed that once I got to 50, I’d start counting backwards. I’m still a ways from passing my kids on the way down though.

I may be older, but at least I’m thinner! Menopause hadn’t been very good to me. I had been mostly thin my entire life until the Menopause Fairy cursed me at 37. At 5′ nuthin’, I was about 103 most of my life even after having my daughter until just after I had my son nine years later.

At that point I began creeping up the scale of poundage til I rested at what I thought was fat for me: 115. Looking back now at a picture my husband took of me then, I looked skinny!

However, after my total hysterectomy four years ago, the Menopause Fairy kicked it up a notch and I tipped the scale at 152! After a few years of exercising and cutting out everything but bread and water (only I couldn’t have the bread), I had lost a whopping couple of pounds and I teetered back and forth between 147 and 149.

So, when a Facebook friend asked me if she could help, I didn’t think anything would work. But let me tell you Mary, my health coach, was no match for the Menopause Fairy! My goal was to get down to 115 and at the time I’m writing this I’m 122 and seven pounds from goal.

It’s been six months and I am so happy to have found something that actually worked for me. Unfortunately, I’m not at goal weight, but I am at a MAJOR milestone. I’m actually UNDER 120!! Weigh in today is: 119.4!

Average weight loss on the optimal weight 5 &1 plan is 12 lbs.

So, who has the last laugh, Menopause Fairy? Who? Me! That’s who! Cuz it’s my birthday and I’ll laugh if I want to!

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