It’s official! The Big Book of JoJoisms has a registered copyright!

Written By: JoJoisms - Apr• 23•18

I’ve been writing since I was about 9 years old.  I’m now a post menopausal writer who has to color her gray more often so that’s a LOT OF YEARS!

I had never thought about getting a copyright until I began putting my JoJoisms on the mugs we are now selling under the MugXpressions by Grape Stuff brand.

When I filed for a copyright for The Big Book of JoJoisms several months ago, I thought the whole thing was done online. Then this past Saturday, I received an official certificate in the mail stating that I’m the proud owner of all of my JoJoisms to that date that I had compiled in this book!

So, it’s official!  I hold an official copyright for almost 600 JoJoisms that I’ve written over the years!  It’s got an official seal and everything!

As many of you know, JoJo is nuts for purple so most of my Visual JoJoisms have been purple.  I’ve loved purple even longer than I’ve been writing.

My mom tells me I actually turned purple when I was about two weeks old and they were driving me from Colorado, where I was born, to Florida where my dad was next stationed.  He was in the military at that time.  They had to pull over to cool me down as there was no air conditioning in cars at that time.  THAT’s how old I am!  lol  Ever since then, my mom says I’ve loved purple!

How ever my love of purple came about, I’m not the only one who’s nuts for it!  At the same time my JoJoisms were being copyrighted, my For the Love of Purple Facebook fan page was also growing.

From the time I filed the copyright to the time I received this official notification, my page grew by 2000 members and it’s now growing by 2-300 per week!  I’ve actually written several JoJoisms about my love of purple and have written several more since then and turned them into visual format and posted them on my fan page.  Click the link above if you have a purple heart and would like to see more purple JoJoisms!


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