The Old Becomes New

Written By: JoJoisms - Jul• 21•20

I’ve been writing for almost 50 years. Wow! Seeing that in print sure does make me feel old! But what is old can be made new. God does that when we invite Jesus into our hearts. He’s doing that with my health now that I’ve been able to lose some weight and he’s been doing that with many things even through this difficult time in the world right now.

In honor of my word for the year, RESTORATION, I’m including a new segment here on JoJoisms for restoring old JoJoisms. You see, some of the JoJoisms I’ve written were created in visual format so many years ago that many of them need a little updating. Today’s memes are more sophisticated and elegant than they were years ago.

In addition, I originally started writing them for my Art of Eloquence communication blogsite. So, many of the first JoJoisms had that URL. However, some of the topics are better suited for this site or for my For the Love of Purple site. I’ll be updating them as I go and sharing them with you here.

The first one I wanted to revise is kind of my motto and the reason I started writing my JoJoisms. Here’s the before and after:

Whatcha think?

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