Where are you from?

Written By: JoJoisms - Oct• 15•19

My life is complicated. It has been since the beginning of JoJo Time. But it’s also pretty funny which is why I originally started this blog and why I create my funny memes for social media. Often, a simple question can lead to a most hilarious story. So, instead of more visual JoJoisms (which I’ll share later on this month), I wanted to share with you how the conversation has often gone when someone asks me a seemingly simple question.

Here’s a question you probably get a lot, but you probably have a quick and easy answer. The entire exchange most likely takes a few seconds. Where are you from? Oh, I’m from Ohio. Well, here’s what that question leads to quite often.

Poor Confused Soul: Where are you from?
Me: You mean where did I move from? I moved to Indiana from Arizona.
Poor Confused Soul: Oh, so you came here from Arizona.
Me: No, I moved here (Indy area) from NW Indiana.
Poor Confused Soul: Oh, so you grew up in Arizona!
Me: No, I grew up mostly in New York.
Poor Confused Soul: Ok. So, you were born in New York!
Me: I was actually born in Colorado.
Poor Confused Soul: So, after Colorado, you moved to New York?
Me: No, at two weeks old, I moved from Colorado to Florida.
Poor Confused Soul: So Colorado to Florida to New York to Arizona to Indiana?
Me: No, after New York, we moved to California.
Poor Confused Soul: So, Colorado to Florida to New York to California to Arizona to Indiana?
Me: Yes.
Poor Confused Soul: Are you going to settle here in Indiana, then?
Me: Probably not. After our son graduates from Purdue, we may move.
Poor Confused Soul: Back to Arizona to be with your family?
Me: No, only my mom and dad live there.
Poor Confused Soul: Where does the rest of your family live?
Me: Scattered around Northern and Southern California, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, and parts of Mexico.
Poor Confused Soul: So, where would you move?
Me: What were we talking about again?

Now, does anyone have the patience to ask me, “How are you?”

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