At the age when doctors ask odd questions

Written By: JoJoisms - Oct• 03•18

I can’t believe it’s October 2018 already! Wasn’t it just June…1997? You know you’re getting older when the decades fly by.  But seriously, life has changed a whole bunch since I began this blog and since I began writing JoJoisms so many years ago.

Now that I’m in my mid..ok, later, 50s, I find my attention turning to things of a more eternal nature.  In talking with a friend about chronic illness and the physical results of living past your mid-20s, we found ourselves laughing about the things doctors ask you.

Are you depressed?

Do you find yourself thinking about death?

Do you feel you’d be better off if you died?

That last one had us pondering a bit.  As a Christian, why, yes.  Yes, we DO believe we’d be better off if we died.  It’s a no-brainer.  Would I prefer to meet the struggles of everyday life in a fallen world where we need to feel the aches and pains of getting older, the fatigue, the stress of making a living, the struggle that comes from strife and misery in the world?  Or would we rather be with God, in heaven, in eternal peace?


While I would much prefer to be with Jesus, I won’t be shortening my stay here on Earth to get there quicker.  LOL  But it did make me think about how you answer questions such as these when you get to the age when your doctor is required to ask.  😀

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