My Grape Enabler

Written By: JoJoisms - Oct• 22•13

JOJOWHANDSHi, my name is JoJo and I’m a purple addict.  I have been purple 51 years and I don’t want to be cured.

My dh is my purple enabler.  As a matter of fact, my entire family is.  Along with all the purposeful purple gifts I’ve been given over the years, I’ve been given the most unusual gifts as well and often for no grape reason other than the fact that they were purple. Check out this short list of purple oddities.

My sister once sent me a square purple thing.  She got it by mistake when she bought something online and they didn’t want to take it back so she sent it to me.  I was hard pressed to figure out what it was at first.  It’s a tape measure.

My father once gave me a purple paper clip.

My dh makes sure to pick up the lavender, lilac or otherwise purple product if there is a choice at the store.  He got me lavender laundry detergent, purple paper towels, purple Listerine…

Do you have an obsession?  Is there an enabler in your life who helps you along?  Share your experiences.


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  1. Carla says:

    I’m a purple people eater, too. 😉 I used to collect things, but haven’t in many years. I used to collect turtles (old slow majestic beasts, much like moi. . . LOL) and dragons. I would love a purple one of each, but I doubt my DH is reading your blog. I’ll have to email it to him as a “””subtle””” hint!

  2. JoJoisms says:

    Glad I could help! LOL

  3. Purple paper towel!? I would loved to see that!

  4. JoJoisms says:

    It’s just white towel with a purple design. I think they are a name brand.