How’d it get to February so soon?

Written By: JoJoisms - Feb• 07•18

Does anyone else have the sinking feeling that life is just running by them at 120 MPH and the world is a blur or is it just me?

It’s February 2018 already!  Does anyone else still feel like it’s 2017?  Or maybe even 2010? LOL

In the last few years, I’ve had five surgeries, lived in two homes, and had my last kidling graduate from high school.  We will soon be a kidless home…an empty nest.

I think the thing that has made this seem even faster has been the amount of work I’ve picked up over the last few months that I’ve been recuperating from foot surgery.

I went from writing one blog, this one, to writing SIX blogs and TWO newsletters.  JoJoisms is where I’m writing my humor and oddities. The  Art of Eloquence blog is for communication issues I write once a month. Then there’s our Adventures of Mug Man and Java Jo monthly, and the Life Beyond Surviving one that shares my heart for those going through trials.  That one is weekly.  In addition to those blogs, I have one that shares weekly family things as this is our parent company, Grape Stuff.  Then I have two weekly newsletters in addition to those.

I’m having trouble keeping everything straight so I actually created a three ring purple binder called the Grape Stuff Operations Manual.  And, yes, I have to refer to it in order to remind myself when and what I’m supposed to post where.  Read that sentence again, it’ll make more sense.  LOL

At the time of this typing, I’m done with all ten of my blog posts for the month.  Ok this makes 11.  I still have to write eight newsletter posts and schedule them, but it’s now 3:06pm and I find that I’m still in my pjs so I think I’ll go clean myself up, stir the chicken mole in the crockpot and leave sleeping newsletters lie…until tomorrow.

I just wanted to say that I think I now know why you seem to age faster after the age of 50.  My theory is that life goes by fairly slowly until you reach adulthood.  Then, life speeds up just a tad picking up speed at the turn of the half century until you wake up one day and can actually watch your skin sag as you look at your reflection in the mirror…or is that just me?

Well, I can’t say I’m too disappointed.  Saggy and baggy is a much better alternative than the one I might have had-had I not had a doctor naggy who got me to go in for testing that avoided the cancer.  So…if I had a tail at this moment, it would be waggy.  😀


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