How’d it get to February so soon?

Does anyone else have the sinking feeling that life is just running by them at 120 MPH and the world is a blur or is it just me? It’s February 2018 already!  Does anyone else still feel like it’s 2017?  Or maybe even 2010? LOL In the last few years, I’ve had five surgeries, lived […]

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The Mammogram Blues News

I went to get my yearly mammogram today. It was an interesting experience.  I mean, it’s always an “interesting” experience, but this one was due to an observation that the lovely woman who did my mammogram made to me.   The lovely, sweet woman who performed my mammogram was charming.  She was so cute as […]

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Invisible Illness Scars

One of the biggest complaints I hear from those with chronic illness is that it is an Invisible Disease.  Whatever it is for you: Lupus, thyroid disease, chronic pain, migraines, or peri menopause, the fact that people are only concerned with what they see can leave us with the feeling that others either don’t believe […]

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