A look back: Best JoJoisms from January 2021

The year was off to an interesting start with Corona Virus and messy election results, but my sense of humor remained in tact and I felt my age creeping up on me. As I thought about how I’m getting dangerously close to 60, this thought kept rolling around in my head until I wrote it […]

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This is war! SPAM war! I have the most powerful SPAM filter known to mankind, but some of it still comes through to my inbox. No. I don’t want a Russian Wife. NO. I don’t need an appetite suppressant. NO, “Little Girlie,” I don’t want to see your pictures! The Emporess Strikes Back! I’m a […]

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It’s September: How many of you are older this month?

September is my birth month.  I’ll be older this month.  How many of you are celebrating a birthday this month?  Do you feel older?  Are you a Spring Chicken?  Has your chicken sprung already?  Have you been well seasoned?  Or has your goose been cooked? I was thinking about how I’m now entering the second […]

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