Why You Should Tell Your Story Before It’s Over

I wrote this article some time ago after reading a meme on Facebook.  It struck me so important to share how strongly I believe this saying is a detriment to inspiring others with our story already in progress that I spoke out about it.  That, in turn, inspired others to believe that they might have […]

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Chronic illness dictionary

Many’s the time I’ve tried to explain how I feel to friends or family only to be met with “I felt the same way” and maybe they did one day, yesterday or last week.  What they often miss is the extent to which I feel this way or the length of time I have felt […]

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I have a confession to make…

I’m going to admit something I’ve been trying to hide.  I’ve been struggling lately.  Actually, I’ve struggled with this for quite some time on and off.  I’m a bit frustrated and overwhelmed, but mostly I’ve been feeling like nobody cares. It’s silly, really.  An innocent joke made by a family member here.  A small perceived […]

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