There are at least 14 people in here!

Written By: JoJoisms - Jul• 13•15


Ever feel like “There are at least 14 people in here” and each one of them wants something different from you?

So last Thursday, we drove down to Indy to find a house since our lease is up the end of this month.  On the way down I was thinking about all the other things we needed to do that day since we are now running three businesses and my dh is still looking for work 5 months after he was let go (for no discernable, valid reason).  But it was more important to find a place to live that day than it was to handle, fix or otherwise deal with all the other “issues” we have going on right now including our latest: my dh was diagnosed with VERY high blood sugar (diabetes) and (hopefully) just the beginnings of kidney disease.

We had to eat out for both lunch and dinner as Indy is 2.5 hrs from home so we stayed the entire day.  Eating out used to be difficult with my dietary restrictions of no gluten or dairy, but now we need to find a fast food place that serves gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and salt free food.  What are the odds, right?

With all that going on, we managed to see some lovely homes (and some not so lovely homes) and are in the process of working out the details to secure one preferably before we need to move out the end of this month.

On the way back it was getting later in the day…the time when my hot flashes are usually, shall we say, more active!  Sitting in the car all day reminded my body that it has PAIN.  Fibro doesn’t love sitting in one position for hours and Arthritis isn’t generally fond of it either.  So there I was on the way home feeling more and more like a schizophrenic menopausal gutless flip flopper when my dh asked me what was wrong.  This is what came out of my mouth: “There are at least 14 people in here and they each want something different!”

1. Hattie was HOT and wanted all the windows open while the AC was cranked down to 36 degrees.

2. Frieda was FREEZING and periodically pushed Hattie out of the way to put on her sweater she had thrown on the floor of the car.

3. Tracy was tired and wanted to go to sleep, but…

4. Wendy was wired and her arms and legs kept jumping up and down just as Tracy was dozing off.

5. Crissy was crying because toilet paper commercials are just so sad while…

6. Gilda was giggling for no apparent reason.

7. Allie just wanted to be alone already, but…

8. Fawn wanted to spend time with her friends.

9. Brenda wanted to keep busy so she pulled out her file folder and began to write a press release, a blog post and a list while…

10. Valerie just wanted to vegg out!

11. Charlotte wanted her chocolate and coffee, but…

12. Donna doesn’t want to eat anything ever again…in LIFE!

13. Sally wanted to sit in the sun, but…

14. Darla wanted to be lost in the dark.

The only thing all 14 of them agreed upon was that they are all, each one of them, both individually and collectively, in PAIN from head to toe. Harriet’s hair even hurt!

If you’re going through peri menopause, chronic illness or just feel like there is an overwhelming number of items on your to do list with a deadline of YESTERDAY, what say you…ALL?  Who are your 14?

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  1. You sure hit “Charlotte” dead on~heehee!!! Chocolate and coffee, that’s me, girl! I know most of these and some more than others on some days. I sure hope you don’t have to make many trips like that again anytime soon. Sending you (all 14 of you) gentle hugs for your day. Hope you are able to join “Valerie” and just vegg out today. <3

  2. JoJoisms says:

    Thanks Charlotte. I was supposed to go down again today, but not sure we can. Severe thunderstorm warning.

  3. Theresa says:

    awesome blog post.

  4. JoJoisms says:

    Thank you Theresa.

  5. AshliHuber says:

    Hello, i really enjoy your posts

  6. JoJoisms says:

    Thank you