There’s a Part FOUR?

Written By: JoJoisms - Oct• 17•13

To get you up to date in the saga of The Great Eye Glass Case, check out my first three posts: Freshly Pressed Glasses, Dr. StrongArm, I Presume and The Great Eye Glass Case part three, by clicking on the links.  And YES of course, there would be a part four!

This past Saturday, we checked out a bunch of websites, visited Costco and Walmart and a tiny eye glass repair place that sells sun glasses that fit over your glasses.  I was deeply disappointed in what I found.  I’m legally blind without my glasses so it’s rather dangerous if I have to take my sunglasses off while driving to put on my regular glasses because the clouds suddenly and without notice rolled in.  I’m very sensitive to the light so I need sunglasses while driving in the sun, but the Blues Brothers were wrong.  If it’s dark and I’m wearing sunglasses, it’s not cool! ROFL

It’s hard enough finding magnetic clip on frames, but to find them in a cute style…and here’s the kicker…in MY SIZE, is next to impossible!  They don’t really sell them anymore and the ones they sell are HUGE!  Remember, I’m 5′ NUTHIN’ and I can wear a toddler sized hat.  They don’t make these for children or gnomes.

Well, as luck would have it (which is code for as God worked it out), the eye glass repair guy knew a place that sells a lot of magnetic clip on frames and has its own lab so the prices are GREAT.  Or should I say, GRAPE?  Because I found a pair in a plum color that actually fit my baby face.  They even have uv coating, scratch resistance, polycarbonate material instead of heavy plastic and the bifocal area is longer so I can read better.  End of story?  Nope!

Cuz I went to pay with my credit card and realized it had expired in June!  Yes, I had called in to activate the new one and in my insomniatic, Fibro and Hashi’s brain fog, tore up the wrong card!  I was able to order the glasses and my replacement card is on the way.  I should get my grape new glasses within the week, but if there are any complications, you’ll be the first to know!  Well, technically, I’LL be the first to know, but you’ll be the second to know!

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  1. Carla says:

    Well, at least it’s FINALLY over and you have grape new glasses coming! Or is it? I’ll be wondering until I see them on your face. hee-hee

  2. JoJoisms says:

    We’ll both know in about a week. I think I’ll post a part five with a picture of me in my new grape glasses. Then I’ll know it’s really over. lol

  3. Lenora says:

    Praying your glasses get to you quickly and that they work great! 🙂

  4. JoJoisms says:

    Thank you, Lenora.

  5. I love the manner in which you worded everything with this site. I think you actually know the way the reader feels. It’s plenty of meaning for me.