Why humor is important–especially in 2020

Written By: JoJoisms - Sep• 01•20

You know a year is bad when there are memes about how people are using 2020 as a curse word, as in, “What in the 2020 is going on this year?” And that is precisely why humor is so important especially this year!

If you’re on social media, you know how much Covid19, the riots, the negative politics about the upcoming election and even Murder Hornets have permeated the atmosphere. So many people are practically choking on negativity and some are calling out for a break.

Humor is what has allowed me to remain sane through nine surgeries, several chronic illnesses, financial hardships, homeschooling, and having my kidlings leave the nest. Boo hoo…

Humor is what makes life fun. It’s what allows joy, relieves stress, and turns your frown upside down! They have done studies that show that watching funny movies help people recovering from surgery.

So much of the difficulties in life can actually have humor IN them! I often find a difficult, frustrating, or sad situation has a humorous side to it and I’ve devoted my life to looking for it at every turn. I suggest you do too!

Humor is a MUST for 2020! So, just another reason to come back to JoJoisms each and every week!

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