Why humor is important–especially in 2020

You know a year is bad when there are memes about how people are using 2020 as a curse word, as in, “What in the 2020 is going on this year?” And that is precisely why humor is so important especially this year! If you’re on social media, you know how much Covid19, the riots, […]

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I’ve been busy this April finding the humor in life

I’ve been busy finding the humor in life this past month in various categories. For your giggling pleasure, I submit them to you. The biggest topic of conversation this past month was COVID19 and I found a way to find the humor in life during Coronavirus: The next topic I tackled was coffee: Then I […]

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March 2020 JoJoisms

I’ve been busy creating mostly COVID-19 JoJoisms, but some others as well. Most of the others are Life Beyond Surviving or chronic illness related. So, in case you missed it on Facebook (because they don’t show our posts to most of our friends, here is your month in review! I hope you enjoyed these CoronaVirus […]

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