Countdown to CHRISTmas : funny videos

In years past, I’ve done a countdown to CHRISTmas by posting a video each day from December 1st through to CHRISTmas day.  This year I’m doing something a bit different.  It’s vital to have a sense of humor and laugh at life’s struggles when we can.  Laughter releases tension and brings joy so…This week I’ve […]

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Chonda Pierce’s Have You Seen Jesus?

Day four of my Video Countdown to CHRISTmas brings us to one of the funniest Christian comedians, Chonda Pierce. Chonda is hilarious in this skit she calls, “Have you seen Jesus?” It’s not what you think and it’s not what the neighbors probably thought when she went knocking on their doors, but it is funny! […]

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Menopause Parking

One of my favorite comedians is Chonda Pierce and I’m going to share some of her stand up with you all today.  Why?  Because tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in the middle of the menopause experience right now. It’s not for the faint of heart.  And neither is Chonda so buckle up!  Here’s Menopause […]

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