What’s in YOUR Bra? A TSA Tale

Apparently, a 56-year-old, 5′ nuthin’ woman with Fibro and Essential Tremors is a threat to national security! But don’t worry…TSA THOROUGHLY investigated me. Don’t you all feel safer now?! Out of hundreds of would-be passengers in the San Fransisco TSA line, they singled ME out. After having taken my shoes and sweater off, put my […]

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Apparently, I had a screw loose.

After falling asleep and breaking my glasses, having the dr refuse to examine me because I wouldn’t consent to the air soft GUN glaucoma test and encountering various additional, yet hilarious, delays in obtaining my replacement glasses, I was granted a stay of execution on my glasses crises for a short period of time. And […]

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Here’s your purple sign!

I have always loved the color purple…Mom said from the time I was born.  Several years ago, I became a little obsessive about it. I only wear purple.  Every day I wear something that is purple.  Now my glasses are purple too. I have a purple purse, wallet, water bottle, pens, pads of paper, etc.  […]

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