The Year of Faith that Never (Always) Was

I’ve said it before: God has a sense of humor.  Sometimes He gives you EXACTLY what you pray for, but it’s not exactly HOW you envisioned it when you prayed.  It all started in late 2013, after much prayer, when I declared that 2014 would be The Year of Faith over at Art of Eloquence, my business […]

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When life happens in the middle of chronic issues

During your journey with chronic illness, financial stress or other chronic issues, you are likely to have life happen.  When it rains it pours.  Know that God is still in control.  He will always bring you through. Pray, even if you can’t see a way out.  Pray, even if you don’t see an answer.  Pray. […]

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My secret ARIDzona prank idea

You might already know this, but it doesn’t snow here in Phoenix, ARIDzona. Every CHRISTmas, I make a decoration using Arizona Snow.  It’s a compound that grows when wet and looks like real snow. They say you need to water it every week to ten days, but here in ARIDzona it’s so arid, we need […]

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