Stress isn’t the same as unbelief

This week, I had planned to share how God is leading me out of a very dark place, but something came up that I felt lead to address. When a Christian reveals that she is stressed, some of her Christian friends will try to console her by saying to just have faith-as if belief in God will […]

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The blessings of pain

Okay. JoJo’s gone off the deep end!  Brain fog has taken over and she’s completely out of her mind!  I hear ya out there.  You’ve stuck with me through some of my other unusual posts, but this one’s gone too far.  Stick a fork in ‘er, she’s done!  As someone who is in a fair amount of physical pain as […]

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Dalek Relaxation

Enough of the serious talk this week. LOL  It’s time for some Friday Funnies.  After the stress of the techie nightmare that was my week, I need a little Dalek Relaxation.

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