What I can and can’t do thru chronic issues

Okay, so during my “Woe is Me” phase of dealing with the stress of my chronic issues (my husband’s job loss, my chronic illnesses and running a few businesses to try to bring an income into the household), I found my way out of my crying funk and was able to push forward a bit.  I […]

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Stress isn’t the same as unbelief

This week, I had planned to share how God is leading me out of a very dark place, but something came up that I felt lead to address. When a Christian reveals that she is stressed, some of her Christian friends will try to console her by saying to just have faith-as if belief in God will […]

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Sometimes You Need a Pity Party

I don’t think you’d be human if you were sunshine and roses every day, especially in the face of chronic struggles and hardships.  However, some will tell you you’re not a good Christian if you share that you are depressed or upset or frustrated.  It’s not like the Lord doesn’t know you feel this way. […]

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