Why doesn’t God heal me?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why some people are allowed to remain in their struggle while others are delivered from their suffering.  We ask God and sometimes even demand that God tell us why He keeps us this way.  To some, this may sound like sin and maybe it is, but it is human nature […]

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How did spammers get the idea JoJo was a techie?

So many people said they wanted to be able to leave a comment on some of the older blog posts that I decided to open the comments back up on the blog.  They used to close automatically after five days because that’s how long it takes for the spammers to come out and play. A day after […]

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Like if You’re for Good Stuff

I’ve seen several graphics on Facebook that seem rather silly to me.  They say things like, “Like if you’re against violence.”  Would anyone be FOR violence?  And how would you know if your friends, who didn’t click like, actually were pro violence or if they just felt contrary? Just seems an odd kind of post […]

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